Parents of Toddlers Get Resource for Rating Nursery Schools & Early Child Care Facilities,

December 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News allows parents to find & write unbiased reviews and ratings on local nursery schools, day care centers, pre schools and other early child care centers. "The foundation of a child's formal education begins with the right nursery school," says Stacy Jai, founder of Stacy Jai truly believes that if a child's first educational experiences are negative, then they will have trouble in an academic environment for many years to come. When her own son had a traumatic experience at a local nursery school, which was highly recognized in the community as the "best", she was prompted to take action.

At the time there were no venues for parents to share real life experiences their kids had at nursery schools, day care centers and other early child care facilities. She learned the hard way that price, statistics and a brief walk-through were not sufficient information to make such an important decision in her child's life. "I realized that many other little things mattered like… Were there any teachers being comforting when my precious son cried? Did anyone assist him with lunch? Would any of the teachers know when he displayed the first symptoms of a cold?"

Class sizes and teacher qualifications are nice on paper, but that does not prevent your child from being ignored or even mistreated these days. Parents have to be highly thorough when selecting early childhood care for their toddlers. Every resource at your disposal should be exhausted. "My son was so negatively affected by this school, that the doctor advised that he be taken out of school in an attempt to forget this horrible experience. This was especially hard on me because I have been an educator and Director for ten years and had done my research. I looked for the best and followed all the guidelines, looked for all the ratios and met the teachers. If only I had some type of resource where I could hear from other parents about the topics we really care about when it comes to schooling for our children, my child might not have been subjected to such a terrible experience."

Hopefully, can assist parents in sharing much-needed information about local nursery schools, day care centers and early child care facilities in general.

Founded in the summer of 2007, allows parents to submit reviews and ratings on nursery schools and early-childcare facilities. Parents names are kept anonymous so they do not have to worry about their child being adversely affected by anything critical they might write.

In addition, Mrs. Jai, is sharing her knowledge and experiences via articles on the site. These articles take topics that parents have questions about and address them in real life terms. Stacy has the opportunity to provide insight from the aspect of the educator, the working mother, and her most important role, the loving mother. She tries to provide valuable information in a clear and concise manner. Topics already covered include: Coping & Caring For Chronically Ill Children & Sending Them To Nursery School, Is This Day Care or Nursery Program Right for My Child? & What to Consider When Reviewing A Nursery School.

"I hope everyone takes the time to share their experiences. It is another way we as parents can have a voice and help each other." Stacy Jai, founder: