Simplus Technologies Group, LLC announces Flying Anxiety,a web site for people with a fear of flying!

December 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Simplus Technologies Group, LLC has come out with a new web site dedicated to helping people with anxieties, & phobias about flying. Simplus Technologies Group is a monopoly group that owns several web sites for advertising & monetizing. Besides domain acquisitions, Simplus has included a dvd supplement with this web site to further educate people & conquer their fears of flying. This complete comprehensive web site covers every topic you ever wanted to know about fear of flying. has self-help tips & advice to help people reduce anxiety & learn to fly more comfortably. The web site covers a wide range of subjects that help you conquer anxiety & phobias. It also discuss weather, how airplanes fly, safety tips, the safety of small planes & more. The dvd supplement covers additional subjects from learning to fly comfortably, understanding the industry, accident case studies, & breathing techniques. All this information is gathered from 20 years of flying experience from the Ceo/airline pilot Eric Simmons.

After encountering so many people who had anxiety about flying, it seem only natural to present this interesting topic into a web site. The web site will do an amazing job in helping people face & conquer their fears & anxiety.