SeoServiceWorld Announce the Launch of their Reseller Directory Submission Service

December 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SeoServiceWorld has decided to gear up the augmentation by offering a Quality Reseller service to the international marketplace. This will provide resellers with the ability to diversify their service offerings and maintain brand integrity whilst taking advantage of the Reselling of Quality Directory Submission Service from SeoServiceWorld, An Out Sourcing Company from India.

Beyond advanced IT and SEO capabilities, SeoServiceWorld has special approaches to organizational and behavioral management and the coordination of internal and external relationships. SeoServiceWorld goes on to comment on how their services can be integrated into an agencies growth strategy. "We can allow service providers such as SEO agencies and consultancies to focus on their skill areas in bespoke consulting, whilst also allowing working with companies that service the rapid growth area of small business SEM. Our services can be integrated into one size fits all packages and in both instances our clients are not subject to a retainer contract, so they have the ability to grow in line with their business, and rapidly scale-up when it is needed.

SeoServiceWorld decided for, service providers such as SEO companies are aware of the large cost savings that can be attained through outsourcing to India, although outsourcing can make savings of up to 30% for the most effective companies. However they are often put off by the lack of scalability and the capital intensive investment they will be forced to make from the outset. We aim to offer a service whereby digital marketing firms can leverage their current brand and client assets to create new revenue streams at attractive margins."

The service offering is focused on building sustainable partnerships. While working with SeoServiceWorld, you can cut down costs in certain areas nearby 75% through shifting from in-house staff. The outsourced business model can allow your company to see double digit growth within period of time, whilst the significant cost savings will allow you to become leaner, more cost-effective and far more scalable than your competitors.

Kishan Ghataliya goes on to comment about the recent investments SeoServiceWorld have made in their business. "Following our second round of funding, we have invested in an IT infrastructure and staff training that has increased efficiency by over 16%. We have also been in a position where by we have been able to pass these savings onto our clients. We follow six sigma based methodologies, and continue to remain highly cost-effective".

Kishan Ghataliya explains how the benefits of their service are useful for the end client.. "Search engine algorithms remain concealed to ensure businesses do not work towards search engine algorithms, but rather focus on building quality sites for which good karma will prevail. At SeoServiceWorld we understand that link building is the most prominent factor in what dictates the relevance and authority of a website to search engines. Through taking advantage of directory submission services, you can attain links from directories that will provide free traffic and increase your search engine rankings at the same time."