Would you take a long trip without a map?

December 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
That is the simple question a new financial planning firm is built around. Jason Cowans, CFP®, ChFC has opened an independent practice that’s sole purpose is to make consumers aware of their “long trip” ahead. Today’s consumers need more guidance than ever when it comes to financial planning, but few have taken the proper steps to map out their goals or even define their goals. Most feel they do not need financial planning either due to the lack of assets, feel they can handle it themselves or are in just outright denial.

Mr. Cowans’ firm Cowans Financial Services helps people by writing their goals out, showing if the goals are realistic and then coming up with alternative plans if needed, to get them to a best case scenario. Once the plan is complete Mr. Cowans looks for the holes in the plan such as, lack of wills or trusts, paying too much in taxes, being under insured, portfolio under diversified or large potential estate tax issues. The firm then brings in other professionals such as, CPA, Attorneys, Insurance Agents, Bankers, etc… to help mitigate theses holes and make the plan as efficient as possible. The firm charges an annual retainer fee that is determined by using a pricing matrix that goes over income, employment status, gross estate, years to goals, level of involvement and any special circumstances the consumer may have.

The consumer has a choice on what type of planning they would like to have done. Planning can either be at the Comprehensive level (anything pertaining to the consumer’s financial well-being is discussed and Mr. Cowans works as the “Financial Quarterback” with any and all needed outside professionals) or on a Situational level (just one or two areas of concern are discussed and the consumer takes on more responsibility to fix the holes). This was done by design to help everyone be able to afford some level of planning, no matter what their level of income or asset level. Cowans Financial Services typically works with small business owners and middle-income families, but has the training and expertise to handle a wide variety of planning situations.

Located in Chandler, Arizona the firm works with people throughout the state, as well as Southern California. Knowing consumers are always looking for new information, Cowans Financial Services has created a website that is user friendly and contains hundreds of ideas and calculators on investing, estate planning, taxes, risk management and cash management. To find out more, go to www.CowansFinancial.com.