Mark Houston Recovery Center Publishes Free eBook: The 12 Spiritual Laws of Addiction Recovery

December 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Austin, TX — Mark Houston Recovery, the Texas drug and alcohol relapse prevention center responsible for helping hundreds of men reclaim their lives from addiction, has released an eBook for download based on the 12 Spiritual Laws of Addiction Recovery around which the program is designed.

The full color eBook titled ‘The 12 Spiritual Laws of Addiction Recovery; A Guide to Reclaiming your Life from Addiction,’ is available at The book introduces the 12 spiritual laws that govern our universe and how embracing these laws can lead to success in transition from addiction.

“Not every recovering addict or person in fear of relapse will spend 3 months with us building the skills and mindset to live a life of permanent sobriety. Our hope is that this eBook sheds some light on the guiding principles of the addiction recovery process for those that choose to take the journey on their own,” says Mark Houston, president of the Mark Houston Recovery Center.

During the three month drug and alcohol recovery program at the Mark Houston Recovery Center, residents learn how these laws have created the life they are currently living and how they can use these same laws to recreate their lives in recovery.

The 12 spiritual laws described in the eBook are:

• The Law of Consent
• The Law of Caring
• The Law of Cause and Effect
• The Law of Use
• The Law of Responsibility
• The Law of Substitution
• The Law of Relaxation
• The Law of Subconscious Activity
• The Law of Practice
• The Law of Forgiveness
• The Law of Intent

Combined with the teachings of the 12 Step Program, the 12 Spiritual Laws form the guiding principals behind the Mark Houston Recovery Center’s holistic 90 day drug and alcohol recovery program.

About Mark Houston Recovery: The Mark Houston Recovery Center ( is a Texas drug and alcohol recovery center that offers a 90-day program for males designed around the principals of the traditional 12 steps to recovery. The team is passionate about its mission to help men free themselves from alcohol and drug addiction and recreate and reclaim their lives.