I Guide Club launches the internet first nationwide outdoor guide directory.

December 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Beaverton, OR (PRLEAP) December 3rd, 2007I Guide Club LLC, announces today the launch of it's outdoor directory of guides and specialty outdoor resorts. The i Guide Club is a membership only directory and offers a one stop instant search of guides and their published events. Their moto is "We've got a Guide for you..".

Unique to the I Guide Club directory is it's high tech design in AJAX, which dynamicaly updates search results instantly without the user having to refresh or change the web page. A Major difference between I Guide Club and all other small directories scattered through the internet is the fact that the Guides businesses themselves generate the revenue to I Guide Club by being members. There is absolutely no Google or Yahoo advertising throught the site unlike all of the sites out there. Just promotion of the Guides and their activities thru a lightening fast search engine, an 800 FREE support line and full staff providing the outdoorsman with an easy way to appreciate their favorite event, be it Hunting, Fishing, White water rafting, Climbing or any of the many activities added daily to our directory.

The grand finaly of features that I Guide Club brings to the outdoor industry, is it's online REAL TIME reservation system where the outdoorsman can finally browse thru hundreds or thousands of potential activities and book them instantly. This feature of the iGuideClub.com development was well thought out and many experienced guides were consulted in order to give the final product it's current functionality and ease of use.

I Guide Club LLC is founded by Fahmi Slail, an avid outdoorsman who likes fishing, Scuba diving and flying helicopters to explore the beautiful wilderness of our United States.
"We didn't try to solve all the problems of the outdoors seeker," Slail said. "We chose to solve a very specific problem…finding them and booking instantly.

To learn more about I Guide Club, you may visit the website at http://www.iGuideClub.com or call their corporate office at 503-336-5907