First, best and still leading the skilled visa field.

December 05, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
From day one, LIVE IN was a winner, because it delivered the first accessible, affordable, reputable and convenient online alternative to conventional immigration consultants. Until that moment, Immigration agents were very expensive, extremely limited in their services and unbelievably slow in providing them.
Almost overnight, LIA turned this unwieldy, bureaucratic morass around, extending services into all corners of the world, at a price that put immigration within reach of tens of thousands who could never have dreamed of it until then.
Despite a number of ‘me too’ start-ups, LIA maintains leadership through focus, continuous self-appraisal and constant, aggressive investment in development.
LIA continually reviews and refines its formidable and unique range of services and interfaces, which are a major factor in keeping the company ‘ahead of the game’. This is attested to by a remarkable client approval rating, and myriad positive testimonials. Precisely designed systems help applicants prepare and lodge visa applications, wherever they are in the world. All they need is access to the Internet and a reasonable command of English. Guided by a qualified Immigration Advisor they can quickly ascertain whether they qualify for an Aussie visa. If they do, LIA helps save them plenty.

Most LIA applications are designed, developed and launched in-house. The company applies its systems to many business elements, including new business. These systems help employer clients develop assessment techniques, manage the visa application process and work as a team with candidates.
Internet services help prospective migrants plan, apply and succeed cost efficiently. Whether seeking skilled visas, family reunion visas, partner visas, student visas or business visas, the aim is to help qualified clients negotiate the process in a timely and stress-free manner, so they can happily settle into their new country.
All systems are designed to allow neat integration of ground-breaking, new services with our current operations, as well as enhancing our working partnership with, Australia's leading real estate website. In these ways, LIA maintains its clear position as Australia’s Number One provider of Visa Services to the skilled workers of the world. In support of this claim, here is a single ‘thank you email’ from the hundreds received from skilled migrants who have achieved their visa goal through LIA.
“As a French Engineer, I'm working on my skilled migration visa. And believe me, it's a big piece of work when your countries don't have a recognition agreement. Having LIVE IN by my side helps me a lot; they manage me through the overall process, and provide me with advice that in the end will save me time by ensuring I’m applying for the correct visa. Thank you, LIVE IN, for your help and I hope to celebrate my visa success with you all soon.”
Montez Erick – France