December 06, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
NEW YORK, NY (December 6, 2007) – Passlogix®, Inc., today announced a breakthrough on-demand edition of its market-leading v-GO® Sign-On Platform™ that simplifies enterprise single sign-on (ESSO) deployments for both administrators and end users by enabling the client software to be accessed with a simple click on a link or pre-loaded on USB memory sticks. This industry-first software distribution strategy allows organizations to extend single sign-on to users with computers not managed by the enterprise, broadening ESSO’s reach to users previously unable to benefit from the technology’s password management capabilities.

“Our new v-GO On Demand Edition will change the landscape for enterprise single sign-on by eliminating traditional client software distribution, thereby extending ESSO to non-network computers used to access corporate applications, and providing new flexibility in ESSO use overall,” said Passlogix vice president of strategy and product management Stephane Fymat. “By removing the limitations of traditional software installation, we are enabling ESSO to be deployed and used on an anytime/anywhere basis for the first time.”

With the new On Demand Edition of v-GO Single Sign-On (v-GO SSO) and other modules in the v-GO suite, the v-GO client software can be downloaded and activated with a simple click on a link. This allows the v-GO client to be deployed without requiring administrators to set up installation packages or forcing end users to install software. It also enables software updates and rollbacks to be applied automatically and managed from a central location.

v-GO SSO - On Demand Edition makes it possible to extend v-GO’s single sign-on capabilities to home computers, physicians’ offices that require access to hospital networks, and other remote PCs outside the enterprise, all without having to worry about the specific configurations of those systems.

v-GO SSO can also now be installed on a USB stick, providing self-contained “plug-and-play ESSO” for any computer either online or offline. Users’ passwords can be stored on the USB stick and / or in an enterprise directory. This “SSO on a stick” capability makes ESSO available to users that move from machine to machine or require temporary application access.

System administrators who use the On Demand editions of v-GO Single Sign-On and v-GO Provisioning Manager gain the additional benefit of being able to provision or deprovision a user with his or her corporate identity, application credentials and the ESSO software in a single provisioning action.

The functionality of the On Demand Editions of v-GO SSO and other v-GO modules is identical to that of their installed counterparts. In the case of v-GO SSO, for example, both versions eliminate the need for end users to create, remember, manage and update multiple application passwords by automating the process of password entry. The system automatically and securely signs the user into any number of Windows, mainframe or Web applications after a single network logon without requiring the user to submit additional identification or authentication, eliminating user frustration as well as the administrative and security complications of managing multiple passwords.

“The ability to dynamically obtain the credentials needed to authenticate access to an IT system or business application is essential for today’s mobile workforce. The typical worker today is not tethered to a single computer, and is often unable to remember all of the passwords needed to perform their job. An agentless approach that doesn’t require software installation is a clear advantage and much more convenient for the user,” said Phil Schacter, VP and Research Director, Burton Group.

The v-GO Sign-On Platform – On Demand Edition is scheduled for release in Q1 2008.
Separately today, Passlogix unveiled v-GO Shared Accounts Manager (v-GO SAM), a major advance in privileged accounts management. This newest module in the v-GO suite enables credentials to be securely shared by multiple users such as system administrators who must access privileged accounts, workgroup members who must share a pool of generic accounts, and temporary workers or contractors who must be issued temporary generic accounts. For more information, see

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