Data Processing and Data Analysis Help Businesses Maximize Success

December 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Sharp Data Solutions, a company offering a variety of data processing and analysis services, helps businesses determine how to increase sales and maximize profit.

“Many businesses collect information, either by design or by virtue of their normal business practices,” said Tim Critchfield, SR Analyst of Sharp Data Solutions. “We make sense of the facts they already have at their disposal.”

Sharp Data Solutions offers a range of services to help companies gather, read, understand, and convert information that can help them improve their business. Data processing, data analysis, and reporting are the company’s most important services.

“Data processing means changing the form and value of the input data from something remote and obscure to something valuable, focused and tangible,” said Critchfield. Data analysis enables the client to derive meaning from the processed data, and apply that information to future business practices.

For instance, a legal action might require a law firm to read, process and analyze data. Data processing turns the data into something the lawyers – rather than computers – can read and understand, while data analysis enables them to make generalizations, see trends, and to use the data to make their case.

Likewise, an online store may have amassed information about recent sales. Sharp Data Solutions transforms that information into something manageable, enabling the company to investigate customer buying habits, conversion rates, and other trends. Once the store has this information, they can make changes to their business model in order to increase sales and maximize profit.

Sharp Data Solutions also offers other services. Data conversion reformats information into a standardized report, while file modernization takes outdated file formats and turns them into information that modern computers and software can use. Application development provides clients with custom-built applications for data entry, data capture, data reporting, and other tasks that boost business efficiency.

“Whether it’s for a one-time project or an ongoing relationship, we create a cost-effective solution to get accurate results fast,” said Critchfield. “By outsourcing to us, our clients are able to focus their core business without having to generate this process and information themselves.”

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