introduces a great new way for customers to find the number plates they want.

December 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Staffordshire, UK. 2nd December 2007. The largest private number plate dealer in the UK for online sales have introduced a fantastic new system that allows their customers to search and find the private car registration number of their choice. If the fist choice is not available then the system will allow the customer to set up an alert which inform the customer if and when that number plate becomes available.

The Reg Finder service is easy to use and has been developed over a period of two years, this has been done through research and customer feedback, have been in the private number plate business for almost twenty years now, and this alone shows that they are great at what they do. Sell private number plates to people who want a fast, safe and secure way of getting that special number plate on the front of their cars.

Using Reg Finder could not be simpler, however this service is only available for what the company class as Cherished Number Plates which are normally the private number plates which are over £500, for number plates that are les than this, there is the build your own number plate service which can be found here: recommend that anyone looking to invest in a private car registration number should first check the database as this will come up with all the number plates listed and will therefore be a lot faster than waiting for an alert.