CNC Information Book by Ivan Irons is Released

December 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The book is written for the CNC Beginner to Intermediate CNC user. This includes home cnc hobbiests and DIY CNCers that like to build machines themselves. Ivan made sure to use simple language to explain things and not to use too much technical jargon. On the flip side, Ivan starts out with simple concepts and works his way up into more complex topics.

Learn CNC Secrets covers many topics on CNC like:
Auto CAD
CNC Programming
Learn CNC
CAD Software
CAM Software
CNC Jobs

Here is the website address to the Table of Contents if you want to check it out:

Here is your Special Link to buy the “Learn CNC Secrets” EBook:

Ivan has also added some extra CNC bonuses as well. Three to be exact. Get more than just a great book about Computer Numerical Control!

Your three bonuses:
Bonus 1: Basic - 5 Pack of DXF File Designs
Bonus 2: Intermediate - 17 Pack of DXF File Designs
Bonus 3: G-Code Quick Guide - Guide walks you through the language of CNC: G-Code

If you want to purchase a paperback version of the book, you can pick it up at Here is a link to purchase the physical version: