December 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
KINGSTON, NEW YORK: (DECEMBER 14, 2007) - ToTel-Net Logistics, a purveyor and innovator in global positioning system (GPS) technology, announced today that it has formed a strategic alliance with San Diego-based SmartWear Technologies, a leading company providing radio frequency identifier (RFID) tracking and management solutions. The companies will provide specific markets with tracking capabilities utilizing the best of GPS and RFID technology.

“We believe location, location, location is as important an indicator of success in technology as it is in real estate,” comments Ken Backofen, President of ToTel-Net Logistics LLC, which is part of the ToTel-Net Solutions family of products. “Tracking technology is already a multi-billion dollar market segment. We plan to tap its burgeoning potential by providing a unique combination of GPS and RFID technology that will locate products or people with pinpoint accuracy anywhere in the world, any time of day.”

ToTel-Net Logistics specializes in producing customized GPS solutions for private and commercial concerns while SmartWear Technologies employs RFID technology in the form of tags encoded with a unique identifier sewn into personal apparel or affixed to merchandise packaging. “This venture will offer our customers location services that are greater than the sum of our separate technologies,” remarks Bob Reed, president of SmartWear Technologies.
While competitors vie for fleet management contracts with big-box retail outfits, ToTel-Net Logistics and SmartWear Technologies are thinking out-of-the-box, preferring to provide high value asset tracking or identification solutions. Their unique blend of tracking and location capabilities is already assisting service companies dedicated to preventing child abduction and locating missing children. They are also helping clients ensure safe and secure transportation by tracking shipments of produce throughout the world.

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