Lazy Summer Childhood Days – How to Keep Children Excited About Learning

July 21, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News

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Lazy Summer Childhood Days –
How to Keep Children Excited About Learning

Newhall, CA (July 2005) – Remember what it was like being a kid out of school for the summer? You could do so many fun things with your day: play with your friends, take vacations with your family, and partake in outdoor sports, to name a few. Chances are if you were like most children, you tried not to entertain the idea of going back to school in the fall.
Unfortunately, for some children, this break from school also brings a break from learning and a loss of enthusiasm to chase their dreams. They become unmotivated and start to resist mastering new things. To keep their children interested in learning during the summer months, parents can turn to the new book, Daily Positives: Inspiring Greatness In The Next Generation (Cameo Publications, LLC. ISBN: 0974414980), for help.
“Parents, counselors, teachers, administrators, and mentors can inspire positive actions each day through guidance and meaningful discussion with their students,” says author Edward P. Fiszer, Ed.D. “For young people, the mind is more likely to link actions to goals if they are consistently reminded what amazing dreams are achievable, particularly through the wisdom of those who have achieved what most consider impossible.”
Daily Positives is a collection of thoughtful quotations and anecdotes that teachers and parents alike can use year-round to inspire positive choices and show today’s youth how people throughout history achieved success. It is the perfect guide for any child who lacks motivation to do their homework, is hesitant to try new things, or simply needs a gentle nudge in the right direction.
Edward P. Fiszer, Ed.D., is the principal of an elementary school in Canoga Park, California and teaches graduate-level courses in education at National University and California State University, Northridge. Dr. Fiszer coaches and consults on teacher learning, leadership, character development, and special education issues. He is a member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, the Association of California School Administrators, Carskadon Associates, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, and Phi Delta Kappa. After incorporating inspirational messages into his school’s daily announcements, Dr. Fiszer has found that brief, key thoughts can encapsulate the deepest yearnings of the heart as well as the highest aspirations of students and adults alike.
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