Setpoint Systems, Inc. Looks to Expand Reach Through Online Marketing Efforts

December 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Many times businesses find themselves in a situation where they are offering a high demand product, but their profits are hindered by low margins. There are many reasons why profit margins might be slim, and investigating custom automation solutions is often the first step in improving the situation. Setpoint ( offers free assessments of your company to help identify processes that can be automated and will show how implementing custom solutions can maximize your profits.

The free assessment includes evaluations on leak testing, electrical testing, and real-time radiography x-ray inspection. By automating any of these processes, you can improve cycle times, accuracy, and part consistency all while decreasing labor costs and overhead. With a properly implemented custom automation solution, your profit margins have the potential to improve drastically.

For more details on the free assessment, please visit the Setpoint web site announcement, found here:

About Setpoint Systems, Inc.

Since 1992, Setpoint has been a leader in the development of successful automated machinery and solutions. With years of industry experience, advanced technology and premier facilities, Setpoint can provide a full range of automation services that will help you achieve your manufacturing goals faster and more cost effectively.

Setpoint’s expertise in a wide range of technologies allows them to create and implement cost-saving solutions many businesses may not have considered, including lean manufacturing, fully automated systems, and upgrading or re-tooling existing equipment to meet today’s modern technology standards.

Setpoint also identifies project risk, quantifies it, and mitigates it through detailed design reviews and prototypes as required to maximize the overall return on investment for any type of project.


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