August 26, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
ApplyNET University (www.applynet.net/university) allows academic institutions to organize, track, locate, review, accept/reject application forms along a recurrent application process and integrate them with relevant in-house software (student records management system). ApplyNET University can be implemented for universities and other institutions with application processes. It is offered in two versions: Licensed In-House, which requires that the user has an Internet server, and Hosted Subscription, for which Eastisoft takes care of all hosting and support.

Among ANU's first customers were the American University in Bulgaria (www.aubg.bg) and St. Martinus University in the Netherlands Antilles (www.martinus.edu). Eastisoft implemented a fully integrated In-House solution for the former, and provided a Hosted Subscription to the latter.

" We spent a lot of time developing ApplyNET University, in order to make sure we have provided it with everything a university admissions office may need', Eastisoft CEO Deyan Vassilev said. ' Customer satisfaction is our major consideration, and we aimed at reflecting this in all product aspects - more user-friendly and navigable web-site, easy-to-understand materials and affordable prices. The key words for our solution may thus be ‘convenient' and ‘crystal clear'.'
Eastisoft Inc. is a US-Bulgarian software development and consulting company that delivers reliable and cost-effective desktop and web-based solutions to academic, non-profit and corporate clients worldwide. It leverages innovative enterprise and internet technology while partnering with its clients to achieve radical efficiency improvements. Eastisoft's development and marketing center is located in Sofia, Bulgaria and its headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.