"Horse Whisperer for Business” Reveals Five Innovative Tips for Handling Your Difficult Clients

December 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Award-winning business success coach Kendall SummerHawk has just released a series of free articles on her web site. The article, Client Boundaries – Horse Whisperer’s Advice for Handling Difficult Customers, is available for immediate download at KendallSummerHawk.com

If you are in business, you have difficult clients. The voices of your demanding clients could be haunting you right now. So how can you handle those difficult situations without stomach-churning conflict? SummerHawk, who translates principles learned in her horse work to her success coaching business, suggests that by setting clearly-defined boundaries with your clients, you establish a relationship of mutual respect.

“I've learned to be clear and firm at all times. That doesn't mean I nag at my horses. But I make sure I have their attention and respect. If I don't, the horse whisperer in me is immediately doing something to get it back!” states SummerHawk.

“When the tables are turned and I am the client, I find that the more straight-forward my coaches/suppliers/vendors, the more I enjoy working with them. Their clear standards make me a better client… and I get more from them!”

In upcoming articles, the success coach will address smart strategies for business owners to turn their hectic organizations into smooth-running, fun, six-figure money-making dreams. Readers will learn:

• How to Weed out clients and watch it grow.
• Are You Losing Clients Because You Don't 'Toot Your Horn'?
• Speak Up for What You Want!
• 5 Quick and Simple Tips for Creating Fresh Newsletter Content
• Marketing Your Information Product - One Tip You Need to Know

Award-winning small business expert Kendall SummerHawk is the "Horse Whisperer for Business." Kendall delivers simple ways entrepreneurs can brand, package and price their services to quickly move away from "dollars-for-hours work" and create more money, time, and freedom in their businesses.