Killer Guides adds the World of Warcraft Profession Guide to its WoW guide series

December 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Sao Paolo, Brazil, December 19 - Killer Guides, a leading online game guide publisher adds the WoW Profession Guide to its extensive portfolio of World of Warcraft strategy guides. The profession guide e-book is now available for $29.99 at

The Profession Guide is packed with complete information about every single crafting and gathering skill in the game. The guide provides professional explanations of crafting and gathering mechanics to jump start new players from picking the right profession to leveling it to the maximum level. Experienced players can enjoy tips and tricks from experts to take advantage of their profession skills whether the goal is to make more gold or be more competitive in PvP matches.

Never been offered before, the World of Warcraft Profession guide is a one stop solution for every profession in World of Warcraft. The authors, pro-gamers and community members invested countless hours into research and play-test faster and cheaper step-by-step leveling strategies. This compilation consists of walkthroughs to leveling every crafting skill including alchemy, blacksmithing, engineering, jewelcrafting and leatherworking. It also covers the gathering skills mining and herbalism.

Apart from advancing in professions, the WoW Profession Guide also explains the secrets of making gold in World of Warcraft. The guide provides insights into gold making techniques for both new and experienced players. Tips range from finding profitable grinding spots to effectively trading in the Auction House. Players will find professions more affordable to ease the funding requirements. The gold making guide also brings in new concepts of making gold with crafting and gathering skills. Alchemy masters will be able to earn some gold from making and selling potions while ore miners will find mining run an alternative way to make fast and steady income. is a publisher of unofficial strategy guides for popular online titles like World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online and Tabula Rasa. The company has a large collection of guides ranging from general strategy guides to specialized guides such as raiding, crafting and PvP guides. All guides are available for purchase and instant download at