Sydney Financial Offers Homeowners 2nd Mortgage During Holiday Crunch

December 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Salt Lake City, Utah - Sydney Financial Group ( is now helping homeowners take out a 2nd mortgage as a quick way to manage expenses and debt. Studies show consumers are more likely to accrue high-interest credit card debt during the holiday season (November – January). Fortunately, those who take out a 2nd mortgage can consolidate their existing debt and protect themselves from high-interest payments. Instead of relying on credit cards with interest rates of 12%, 24%, or higher, homeowners can receive a 2nd mortgage with a significantly lower interest rate (often ½ the prime credit card rate or less).

Sydney Financial offers their 2nd mortgages alongside a comprehensive program to help homeowners pay down their home loans, eliminate debt, and save for retirement. During a time when financial irresponsibility has lead to a nation-wide mortgage crisis and unprecedented levels of personal debt, Sydney Financial provides consumers with a comprehensive, all-in-one solution to becoming financial independent.

Here’s how their unique 2nd mortgage program works:

• First, a current homeowner applies for and receives a 2nd mortgage. The 2nd mortgage is generally easier to qualify for than a home loan.

• Second, Sydney Financial helps the customer convert the 2nd mortgage into a specialized “mortgage checking account.” This account, first made popular in Australia, is used as the customer’s primary checking and savings accounts.

• Third, the mortgage checking account is used to consolidate consumer debt (such as credit cards or car loans) and pay off the original home loan in less time. Not only do consumers have access to a low-interest fixed-rate loan, the interest on the 2nd mortgage may be tax deductable since it is a part of their home loan.

Homeowners currently using Sydney Financial’s 2nd mortgage program have found that it not only helps them with their current financial situation, it prepares them for financial freedom in the future.

Those interested in learning more can view a new video about the 2nd mortgage program: