QuikStor has done it again! More feature updates in industry’s leading management software since 1987.

December 17, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
QuikStor has pioneered storage-specific management software since 1987 and remains the industryís leading software and security provider world-wide. Newest feature updates to QuikStor Express management software make full control over your facility easier than ever!

QuikStor has developed an e-mail integration so that you can benefit from all the features of Microsoft Outlook while running QuikStor Express. This new integration uses all the default server settings already set-up in Microsoft Outlook so that you are not required to spend any additional effort activating e-mail options in QuikStor Express. With this component all your mail will be organized and put in one spot. All e-mails sent from QuikStor Express will open and save in Microsoft Outlook along with any other e-mails sent independently. Use this integration to e-mail your tenants receipts, invoices, and notices. E-mailing such letters will cut down on printing and mailing costs.

QuikStor Express now has a Blue Moon Software Integration available. BlueMoon Software is a program that specializes in form processing software. BlueMoon makes it easy to fill out, and print out lease forms from your computer so that you no longer have to fill out these forms by hand, or with a typewriter, or maintain an inventory of pre-printed forms. The software has been designed to save you time and money by speeding up the preparation and printing of lease packages and GOLDBOOK© forms. The software has also been designed to improve accuracy and reduce errors by providing built-in math calculations, default settings for recurring items and charges, automatic data transfers from the main lease form to other forms making up the lease package, built-in error checking, and lease expiration reports. (www.bluemoon.com)

QuikStor is always looking for ways to provide time-savers for managers and owners alike which will contribute to additional revenue streams and better business management. Letís face it, when business is booming, there is usually more to get done in the day than you have time. QuikStor Express will make taking care of necessary business operations a breeze which is why it remains the #1 management software in the industry. For more information on QuikStor products and services please visit www.QuikStor.com or contact sales at 800.321.1987