December 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
COON RAPIDS, Minn. The Brotherhood of Bald People Worldwide is sending a mannequin head across the United States to promote bald confidence, camaraderie, and to have a little fun.

"He's not just a mannequin. He's not just a Oscar-award look-alike. Bob is the official mascot of the Brotherhood of Bald People," explained Mike Ubl, Founder and Mission Director of Brotherhood of Bald People Worldwide. “We decided Bob needed a vacation.”

The mannequin starts his vacation today, visiting various members of the Brotherhood of Bald People across the United States. All participating hosts have agreed to show Bob around their town, in exchange for a FREE BROTHERHOOD T-SHIRT.

Details about the mannequin’s vacation are available at


Mike Ubl is the Mission Director of Brotherhood of Bald People Worldwide. With the help of his business partner and Mission Coordinator, Julie Olson, the organization was launched in November 2006.

In his early twenties, Mike experienced what all men who lose hair go through: a personal journey from denial to acceptance, and ultimately to appreciation. The process can take weeks, months or years, but the experience is the same regardless of the amount of time it takes.

Mike has a passion to use the wisdom he has gained through personal experience to inspire self-confidence and self-acceptance among the bald community, to change public perceptions of baldness, and to build a strong membership for the purpose of gaining influence and buying power in today’s marketplace.

The organization’s website,, contains -
• Interesting, relevant, one-of-a-kind articles filled with information, advice, encouragement and inspiration.
• A V-Blog (video blog) containing entertaining and informative videos.
• An online store filled with custom-designed, unique products for sale.
• An opportunity to take advantage of the benefits offered exclusively to Brotherhood members.