With More Consumers in the United States Speaking Spanish Than Ever Before, LeTranslator.com Vows to Bridge the Communication Gap

December 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Census statistics released in the month of November showed that nearly 40 million people in the United States are speaking Spanish. Nearly 80% of those people call Spanish their first language. These statistics have businesses everywhere desperately seeking a way to not only communicate more clearly, but expand their services to the 350 million people speaking Spanish worldwide. This surge of Spanish speakers in the United States has allowed companies like LeTranslator.com (http://www.letranslator.com) to grow exponentially.

LeTranslator.com, a Phoenix based business, is becoming an integral part of communication between businesses and consumers (or business to business for that matter). Whether a business is looking for document translation or a live interpreter, LeTranslator.com has found their services to be in greater demand with each passing day.

“You'd be surprised how many companies need our services on a daily basis,” said LeTranslator.com owner Aaron Kuroiwa. “It's not just individuals that need things translated (for example sole-proprietors that only speak English), large corporations call us everyday needing translators. It really is amazing how many people out there don't fully understand the need for a qualified Spanish translator.”

Kuroiwa went on to state that some businesses see a spike in sales, sometimes as much as 50%, when they decide to market and support their products to Spanish speakers, especially in areas such as Phoenix.

For more information on translation services and the growing need for Spanish translators in the United States, please visit: http://www.letranslator.com

About LeTranslator.com

LeTranslator.com is an offshoot of LeTutor.com, a long time Phoenix based business specializing in language lessons. After seeing a large need for translation services in the Phoenix area, owner Aaron Kuroiwa decided to create a new site (LeTranslator.com) which separated the language lessons from the translation services. LeTranslator.com went live in late 2007.