RAP4 Tippmann Enforcer Series Paintball Gun

December 20, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Real Action Paintball (online www.rap4.com) is proud to announce the Tippmann Enforcer Series markers. The Enforcer Series markers are designed for the quickest of fast-action paintball games. With endless configuration options to suit your playing style, you can customize exactly the rig you need for CQB entry work, room clearing, and finding foes in the dark.

These Tippmann Enforcer Series markers come with new Tactical RIS Handguards, which are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum that is built to be tough while staying light. The key design of the Tactical RIS Handguards is versatility: it is compatible with any Weaver-base accessory. The Tactical RIS Handguards are extremely versatile: they can be used to attach all types of accessories, including flashlights, laser sights, tactical handles, optical sight mounts, and even grenade launchers!

The Tactical RIS Handguards have endless configurations and possibilities. The Enforcer Series Markers come with our magazine expansion chamber kit. This kit enhances your maker's performance while looking sharp! It has a built-in expansion chamber to help your CO2 to expand better, for improved consistency and reliability in all weather. The stock is light and compact for fast maneuvering during tactical deployment.

If you already have the Tippmann paintball marker, these kits are available for you to build your marker from the ground up to fit the paintball style you want. The Enforcer Series conversion kits are available for: Tippmann A5, Tippmann 98, PCS US5, Spyder markers, and BT markers. View available packages and kits www.rap4.com/os

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