UTBox’s Fax by Email promotes the Green Office for Australia

December 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Sydney, Australia - December 19, 2007 UTBox, an Australian Internet fax service provider has announced they will be supporting the NSW Green Office Guidelines with their fax, fax broadcasting and SMS online services. The Green Office Guide developed and released by the NSW Government is a guide to help you buy and use environmentally friendly office equipment, and is an initiative to encourage business in Australia to develop a strategy to lower carbon emissions.

UTBox has taken this commitment a step further by partnering with Greening Australia to donate funds to Greening Australia for every fax sent through UTBox. Greening Australia tackles critical issues like salinity, declining water quality, soil degradation, climate change and biodiversity loss through an innovative blend of practical experience, science, community engagement and commitment.

Rhett Jones, a Director of UTBox, said “Faxing is our business, and while we have created an environmentally friendlier service, our primary goal was really to create a product that was useful and cost effective for our target markets.”

The NSW Government Outline titled “Environmental Purchasing Checklist” states that “Email faxes can produce considerable paper savings, allowing networked users to send faxes from their desktops directly to the machine”. While the NSW Government does not specifically endorse the UTBox fax service, they have recognised the role fax-by-email can play in moving toward a greener office.

Consider this: Sending 1 fax uses the equivalent power to running a ceiling fan for 1 hour (100g of carbon dioxide) while sending 15 faxes equates to running a lawn mower for ½ hour (1.5kg) and 25 faxes a 5 min hot shower (2.5kgs).

Jones said “We want to make it an easy choice for company’s who have realised the effort required to purchase and maintain fax machines; staff are used to the convenience and ease of use of email but still often need to send and receive faxes. Ultimately people want to make a difference, and they can make an easy start by switching to an Internet fax service.

Start moving your office to a greener future. Visit the UTBox website to find out more and signup for a free trial.

About UTBox (www.utbox.net)
UTBox is a provider of Internet fax, fax broadcasting, fax email and email by sms solutions. UTBox recognises the contribution that it can make to the environment and as such includes not only practical green office suggestions on its website but also donates a percentage of each fax sent through UTBox to Greening Australia in order to get trees planted.