Ryarc's digital signage software is deployed across 106 Permanent TSB banks

December 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
December 18, 2007 - Ryarc Media Systems has announced their digital signage software is currently being deployed in the nationwide digital signage network of Permanent TSB, a leading Irish bank. Permanent TSB is the retail banking arm of Irish Life and Permanent PLC with 106 branches across Ireland. The deployment commenced in September this year and will be completed by the end of December.

Permanent TSB will use Ryarc's digital signage software primarily to communicate product information to customers during retail banking hours. An advantage of Ryarc's CampaignManager software is that it can be used for internal communication to staff as well as to customers. Outside of public banking hours, Permanent TSB will leverage their new communication channel to train and advise staff nationwide or ‘narrowcast' content locally, depending on branch location and facilities. The digital signage network will also be extended into the banks corporate offices to facilitate improved communication channels for head office staff.

CampaignManager was provided by Ryarc's UK and Ireland Sales and Support Channel Partner, Radiant Europe. The network will be operated by SL Graphics in Dublin. Darach Kelly, Managing Director of Radiant Europe said, "We are pleased to announce this significant development in digital signage in the retail banking sector. Permanent TSB have shown vision and leadership by their commitment to a dedicated customer channel. Our content & operation partner, SL Graphics has leveraged Ryarc's CampaignManager delivery platform to provide vibrant and engaging content to the bank's customers and employees."

Ben Mooney, Ryarc's Sales & Marketing Manager said "It is exciting to see digital signage being used to enhance the communication of a traditional retail space. This goes to show that the retail market is catching onto the real benefits of CampaignManager and digital signage in general and that digital signage can be so much more than an animated poster."

Ryarc's CampaignManager is an enterprise level end to end digital signage management platform with remote management, publishing, monitoring, logging, proof of play and versatile playback capabilities. CampaignManager delivers Flash animation, regular and HD video, live web content, RSS tickers, images, live video capture, digital (DVB) and analogue TV in a seamless channel.

Ryarc's CampaignManager has been designed from the ground up to be instantly familiar to users of common PC applications. No specialist training or knowledge is required. Combining a user friendly interface with unparalleled scheduling power, security and flexibility, CampaignManager is the clear choice whether you wish to run a single display, or a global digital signage network.

About Ryarc Media Systems (http://www.ryarc.com)

Ryarc Media Systems is a software company focusing on digital signage software and media distribution and playback technology. Ryarc's core product is CampaignManager, an end-to-end Digital Signage management platform which is used worldwide to operate and manage mission critical digital signage networks.

The Ryarc team has been working on CampaignManager since 2001. Ryarc has representatives in Australia, New Zealand, India, and the European Union. Each year, Ryarc technology helps enterprises deliver over a billion media impressions to people in retail, hospitality, airports, waiting areas and public spaces.