Pulse Diagnosis in a Convenient Pocket Sized Atlas

December 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
New York/Stuttgart – Thieme is pleased to announce the release of the “Pocket Atlas of Pulse Diagnosis” by Zheng-Hong Lin. An invaluable learning tool, it is the perfect fit for students and practitioners of Chinese medicine.

Pulse diagnosis is one of the more difficult diagnostic methods to learn and master. In his preface, Zheng-Hong Lin, doctor of Chinese Medicine and Tutor in Taipei, Taiwan states that "The knowledge contained within this book allows the beginner to establish a proper foundation in the study of pulse diagnosis, at the same time re-emphasizing the fact that no matter how important palpation is in diagnosis, it still cannot replace Chinese medical diagnosis as a whole."

The “Pocket Atlas of Pulse Diagnosis” provides straightforward diagrams that clearly illustrate how different pulses should feel. Highlights include a section focusing on the origin and development of pulse diagnosis and the differentiation of the 28 pulses. An analysis of pulse manifestations and signs of common diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes is also available in the book.

It is impossible to find a better presentation of the topic in such a compact format. The pocket sized atlas is an excellent learning tool for everyone who desires to achieve proficiency in the art of pulse diagnosis.

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