Fitness Foundry Introduces 'Maximum Boost Workout' eBook – 8 Week BodySculpting

December 24, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Maximum Boost Workout© eBook by Fitness Foundry: Mindful Exercise Prescription for: Musicians-Computer Users-Students-X Gamers-Athletes-Cross Trainers-Fitness Instructors and Serious Beginners.

Fitness Foundry's Maximum Boost Workout© eBook is an unparalleled workout for developing deep muscle stabilization, core development, balance, flexibility, mobility, endurance and strength.

Workouts are designed for weight loss, complete body transformation and overcoming training plateaus. Focal exercises are rotary and multi-planar. Usage of Medicine Ball, Resistance Band & Stability Ball.

It contains over 40 pages of exercise instruction and pictures. Includes a printable Weekly Workout Planner & Daily Nutrition Diary.

Highlights of Maximum Boost Workout© e-Book:
8 Week Body Sculpting Program;
Lose Bodyfat & Increase Lean Muscle;
Posture Alignment & Low Back Relief;
Natural Breathing Tutorial;
Balance, Tone & Strengthening Exercises;
Stretches & Foam Rolling for muscle regeneration;
Usage of Medicine Ball, Resistance Band & Stability Ball;
Printable Weekly Workout Planner & Daily Nutrition Diary;
Free Online Support & Resources.

Maximum Boost Workouts' synergizes exercise science, physics and Yin & Yang principles into a time efficient, effective training program. The flowing exercise progression is designed to correct muscle imbalances, strengthen joints, increase stamina, postural alignment, low back relief and burn stored adipose fat.

Maximum Boost Workout© eBook by Fitness Foundry is truly a seamless integration of western exercise science and eastern holistic art. 8 Weeks of Body Sculpting.

Fitness Foundry is unique because of its seamless integration of exercise science and Yin and Yang universal principles - our focus is specifically for developing Movement, Performance, Skill and Self-Efficacy.

Maximum Boost Workout© Now Available in eBook and Print.