ARCON 3D Architect software gives home users the power to make their design dreams a reality

December 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
One of the most practical aspects of the 3D Architect range is the possibility of producing both plan and elevation dimensioned drawings suitable for local council planning applications. Although the planning requirements are very diverse, ARCONS’s 3D architect range has proved so proficient at providing these drawings that numerous local authorities across England are now using the software to communicating plans and visualisations throughout their organisations. The implementation of the software in this way can save home users the expense of contracting an architect to provide such diagrams and illustrations for them.

The software’s intuitive interface centres on the facility for the user to construct detailed 2D plans using simple drag and drop elements. As well as providing a full range of construction components, the elements are customisable, allowing users to create doors, windows, banisters and other features to their own aesthetic specifications. Once the 2D plan is completed, the software can convert it into a photo-realistic 3D model, providing unparalleled visualisation of the prospective project.

The complete 3D Architect software includes 7,200 relevant objects to help furnish the user’s project, along with 1,300 relevant textures that can be applied to walls and floors across a maximum of 50 floors and ten buildings. The completed model can be viewed in several modes, from wireframe to full texture, to allow total planning control. For those users who do not require such a high level of detail, but still want a full building design package, the 3D Home Designer – Expert software includes 4,800 relevant objects, and is capable of creating up to three buildings simultaneously. For those users with simple, single project needs, the Kitchen and Bathroom Designer packages can create single buildings with up to two floors, with 2,700 and 1,100 relevant objects respectively.

The 3D Architect software will be available from all major UK retailers, and online at