Bali - Leading Nations to endorse new "Green" engine that dramatically reduces emissions

December 24, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
During the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali a group of nations are formalizing an announcement to endorse the launch of a new patented "Green" engine. The new engine dramatically reduces emissions from all internal combustion engines.

The group includes the world's top emitters and the announcement by these Nations’ Heads Of State will support a major financial grant, already approved, to get the project started.

The engines can be in use in less than a year!

The engine will reduces Carbon Dioxide- CO2, Nitrogen Oxide-NOX and Hydrocarbon- HC, well beyond targets set by the Kyoto Protocol for 2012 and recently adjusted to 2015. There is finally a technology that can ensure compliance.

The engine can run on any fuel, gasoline, diesel and bio fuels are just some examples. The technology has cross-over benefits in other areas such as coal fired power plants.

However, while the new “green” engine dramatically lowers green house gas emissions, its most significant benefit is a major increase in fuel economy.

A rare product in the war against climate change, the technology is available now and provides environmental solutions to the planets biggest problem, the internal combustion engine. While, at the same time stimulating growth without upsetting the global economic balance.