Tech-Savvy Gulf Coast Chiropractor Cures Practice Headaches with RAPID Chiropractic Software from ACOM's Healthcare Business Division

December 20, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
New Port Richey, Florida, December 20, 2007 Successful New Port Richey chiropractor and self-described computer geek Dr. Joseph Ferrantelli has not only streamlined his diagnostic, treatment and office operations with ACOM's RAPID EMR chiropractic clinical notes and documentation software, he also takes it on the road for the benefit of lecture audiences at association and independent seminars.

A graduate of Life University School of Chiropractic and Florida State University, Dr. Ferrantelli owns Advanced Chiropractic Associates, Inc., a six-year-old family practice that emphasizes the structural rehabilitation of spinal injuries resulting from automobile, sports and workplace accidents. He specializes in procedures using the Clinical Biomechanics of Posture/ Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) Technique, which employs specialized devices to correct subluxations that underlie spinal and pelvic injuries, deformities and the accompanying pain. He is a published author and co-author of original research on the subject.

Besides the doctor, the practice comprises an office staff of four, who also assist with procedures, and a massage therapist. The practice sees 150-200 patients in a typical work week.

"We were not strangers to the application of chiropractic software systems but until we obtained RAPID, nothing we tried had helped very much," Dr. Ferrantelli said. "We still had to scribe and key in daily notes, and the reporting process was cumbersome. The staff was somewhat resistant because software often was hard to learn and difficult to use, so we sometimes fell behind in reporting. That impacted many things: productivity within the office; relationships with attorneys and referring doctors; and ultimately, whether and how quickly we were paid."

RAPID EMR has impacted the practice in many ways, internally and externally. Among them:

-Easy implementation and training, fast staff uptake
-Fast recording of more detailed notes through use of graphical helpers, checklists
-Rapid response to requests for documentation by attorneys, payers, referring physicians
-Better relations with referral sources; more referrals
-Instant production of reports, bulleted for easy analysis, with coding support
-Easier demonstration of medical necessity
-Fast payment, virtually no denials
-Easy demonstration of value of maintenance/wellness programs
-Conservation of staff time, diversion of personnel to revenue-related activities
-Patient self-registration kiosk; reduced one-hour process to only 15 minutes

"Altogether, these factors combine for a more efficient practice as well as more positive relationships with the people we deal with," Dr. Ferrantelli said. "For example, attorneys get what they need for cases quickly, often leading to better working relations and increased referrals. RAPID's helpers aid us in diagnosis, since patients often fail to describe their problems fully, and the helpers often reveal additional complaints."

"The software provides a choice from 10 outcomes assessment reports and we typically use three or four with every case. These reports also help establish the rationale for continuing maintenance at the conclusion of the case. The staff loves the software and you can typically find them hanging out at the ACOM booth at trade shows."

Near term, Dr. Ferrantelli will expand his ACOM suite with the integration of the RAPID EPM chiropractic office management suite to create a RAPID Complete practice environment.

"With RAPID Complete, we will be able to send charges directly to the chiropractic billing feature, saving even more time and labor by automating the process and providing the option of either electronic or paper-based billing. We recommend RAPID chiropractic software to other doctors enthusiastically."

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