Moscow Production Company MONTY Creates Breakthrough Commercial for Mitsubishi Russia

December 24, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
For Immediate Release:

A new Mitsubishi commercial has just hit the air in Russia and its a radical departure from previous car commercials produced there. James Elkus, Executive Producer and Partner at MONTY in Moscow believes it is one of the most important car commercials of the year for this market. It was a brave decision on the part of ROLF Import, LLC to make a commercial at this level and to involve the creative skills of Brand New School, New York who supervised the animation., he said in a recent interview. It is rare for an importer to have such creative control over the commercials that air in their market. The entire environment, including the car, was computer generated. The music and sound design was done by one of the most cutting edge music houses in the United States, Q Department, New York., Elkus continued.

In recent years the domestic ad market has grown significantly and what was not possible to produce a few years ago is quickly becoming the standard. The commercial advertises the new Outlander XL which has a larger engine and redesigned features specifically tailored for the Russian market which favors bigger engines and more aggressive styling. When asked about the long term impact of this commercial, Elkus mentioned the rapidly rising cost of ad space which is set to increase by 50% on January 1 and of the new willingness of Russian companies to take risks in order to stand out from the crowd. You can still see the lower quality material on TV but there is new work now that can hold its own internationally. When the cost of advertising space increases there is generally an interest in making more impactful commercials that will justify the higher costs., Elkus said.

MONTY is a Russian company that specializes in commercial production, foreign talent representation and branding in and for the Russian market. Brand New School is a commercial production company based in New York and Los Angeles that specializes in animation. ROLF Import, LLC is the largest Russian importer of automobiles for the Russian market.