Construction Contractors Fight $1 Billion in Theft with New Virtual Guard Station

December 27, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Construction contractors still get hammered by $1 Billion (US) in annual loss due to theft and vandalism. This loss becomes even more deadly to business as construction costs rise and the credit markets plummet.

Pro-Vigil (, a construction site security company, answered this $1 Billion in theft and vandalism by creating the industry's first affordable mobile security unit designed solely for live remote surveillance: the Virtual Guard Station. The Virtual Guard Station is less expensive and more effective than guards or video cameras.

Once installed at a job site, the Virtual Guard Station enables Pro-Vigil's security agents to watch live feeds from cameras mounted on the unit. When Pro-Vigil's security agents spot an intruder, they first flash strobe lights installed on the Virtual Guard Station, followed by pre-recorded warning shouts. They follow this up with a call to the police.

"The Virtual Guard Station is the first unit of its kind, designed and built solely for live construction site monitoring," said Jeremy White, President of Pro-Vigil. "Other security companies simply bolt cameras onto trailers. The Virtual Guard Station is a revolution in the construction security industry."

The Virtual Guard Station offers construction contractors a number of enhancements over trailers, including:

* Reduced footprint makes the Virtual Guard Station easier to work around, giving job sites more room for materials and maneuvering.

* Smaller size makes it easy to place the Virtual Guard Station for optimum job site lighting and visibility.

* No hitch or wheels makes it harder for thieves and vandals to move and disable the Virtual Guard Station.

* Tougher, sturdier construction than the standard trailer.

* "Clean-Sheet" design of the Virtual Guard Station focused exclusively on stopping construction site theft and vandalism.

If you'd like to learn more about Pro-Vigil's Virtual Guard Station, or would like to schedule an interview with Pro-Vigil president Jeremy White, please contact Pro-Vigil at 1-866-616-1318, email or visit our contact page online: