Travelworm Goes Green

December 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
December 21, 2007 - Las Vegas, NV – Travelworm, a leading provider of casino and leisure travel, has recently announced a marketing strategy designed to aid in raising awareness of the issues affecting the state of the environment. The 15-year old travel company plans to do this by launching a promotions campaign focused specifically on ecologically sustainable travel, starting with earth-friendly accommodations, or "Green Hotels".

To be labeled a "Green Hotel", a business must be able to prove a commitment to the ideals espoused by the green movement. Evidence of this commitment may be presented through participation in a state-sponsored program such as the Green Lodging Programs initiated by both the Florida Department of Waste Management and the California Integrated Waste Management Board, or membership to groups like the "Green Hotels Association". Additionally, evidence can also be gleaned from an establishment's business policies on topics such as waste management, energy efficiency, water conservation, and other similar issues.

In presenting this new green campaign, Travelworm says it is proud to put the spotlight on a few hotel companies, such as Rosen Hotel Group in Orlando and the Renoir Hotel in San Francisco, that have opted to completely overhaul the way they operate. These businesses have upgraded to ENERGY STAR ® or other energy-efficient appliances to reduce energy consumption, banned cigarette smoking within their properties, and in the case of the Renoir, even discouraged the use of personal automobiles as a means of transportation.

Other measures taken by hotels currently on the Green List include the implementation of a linen reuse program, installation of toilet-tank fill diverters, purchasing recycled paper for office use, use of sustainable products (such as bamboo) in their design, and the introduction of guest activities that do not cause a negative impact on the environment. These activities include biking, hiking, swimming, and other environmentally centered pursuits.

For more information on Travelworm's Green Hotels List, visit their website at You may also call their call center, 1-888-321-WORM (9676) for all travel inquiries.

Press Contact: Kevin Williams
TravelWorm Incorporated