New Biz e-Book Pitched to Barnes & Noble: “If We Sell 10,000, Will You Publish?”

December 29, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Rexburg, Idaho December 29, 2007 – The Entrepreneur Story, a newly released e-book from 26 year old entrepreneur Carolynn Duncan, speaks to the nearly 60% of Americans who dream of starting their own business.

Duncan collected stories from 70 entrepreneurs in 35 states and 5 continents, in order to help “wannabe” entrepreneurs get started. With 255 pages of anecdotes from business owners, worksheets, and brainstorming questions, even the book’s unique background—produced on a $49 budget— is a testament to its message of making plans a reality.

“The Entrepreneur Story has been an invaluable experience,” said Carolynn Duncan, of the Eastern Idaho Entrepreneurial Center. “I started the project because I experienced a costly business failure, and needed to learn from others, quickly, before trying again.” She continues, “I’ve read these stories dozens of times, and continue learning critical lessons from each one.”

Duncan has sent an unconventional pitch to Barnes & Noble imprint, Sterling Publishing: if she finds 10,000 people who pledge interest in seeing the book on the shelves at Barnes & Noble, will they publish it?

“Usually authors write a book then wait for months to hear back—with perhaps a 5% chance of being published,” Duncan says. “And after all that, publishers have no feedback from customers as to whether they need or want that book.”

“So we’re going to the market first, and asking readers to tell us if they want it.”

The Entrepreneur Story is one of four “Hundred Dollar Business” experiments Duncan engineered, which involve starting a business in 30 days with a $100 budget.

Ryan Byrd, University of Utah MBA, declared the book to be “a goldmine of entrepreneurial wisdom—not from sheltered academics, but from seasoned, successful small business owners working in the trenches.”

“There are a slew of books about establishing and operating a business; however, learning first-hand from individuals who have actually been through it makes this book a truly valuable resource,” said Danielle White, freelance consultant for the Utah Small Business Development Center and co-founder of The Cancer Crusaders Organization.

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About The Entrepreneur Story

Carolynn Duncan, 26, founded the Hundred Dollar Business in 2006. She consults with entrepreneurs at the Eastern Idaho Entrepreneurial Center in Rexburg, Idaho, started 4 micro-businesses, and is the editor of The Entrepreneur Story.

Carolynn Duncan, editor