Tadinky.com Launches New Style Social Networking Website

January 11, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Tadinky.com, the latest lifestyle portal, announced the beta launch of it's new social networking website, opening the door to innovative changes suggested by its members.

“It's a brand-new concept that we are bringing to the internet,” said James P. McDonald, Marketing Director of Tadinky.com. “MySpace, Friendster and Facebook all have their limitations in that they all make changes at their whim with no consideration for its members, often to enhance their advertising space, as proven by their many disgruntled members. At Tadinky.com we welcome any and all suggestions, style changes, adding different features, etc. and we will implement the good ones, ideas that are deemed popular by votes from our members. These changes will be implemented and experienced to see whether they prove popular and will become permanent.”

Tadinky (http://www.tadinky.com) is, and has, been making changes since its inception at the beginning of 2008. The new website has the usual bells and whistles, i.e. profiles, photos, blog, email, instant messaging, etc., and plans to add a feature-rich chat room in the near future.

"We are very excited to see what our members, young and old, can come up with," Mr. McDonald continued. "Of course, we encourage suggestions that are in good taste and that are actually viable in a social network environment. All ideas will be discussed and put to a vote for all our members to see if it shouldbe implemented or not."

"As membership in the new website grows, and people become aware of it's existence," Mr. McDonald explained, "we should be able to see the differences almost on a daily basis - changes as suggested by our members and implemented by our staff."

While the social networking format is nothing new to the online community, this type of program within a social framework is a novelty that could prove fruitful for Tadinky.com and could become viral in a short matter of time, if successful.

About Tadinky

Tadinky, a part of Dreamry, Inc., is the latest lifestyle portal for connecting with friends, networking with like-minded people, and creating changes that would have an immediate impact. By integrating web profiles, instant messaging, e-mail, music streaming, music videos, photo galleries, and member blogs, Tadinky has created a connected and responsive community. Tadinky will continue to evolve with new features and exciting changes.

James P. McDonald, Marketing DIrector
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