New EZContentManager Access Module Helps Users Retrieve Documents Quickly, Directly from Desktop Applications

January 09, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
LONG BEACH, California, January 9, 2008 – Continuing its commitment to greater power and performance in document management systems, ACOM Solutions, Inc. has introduced an add-on module for its EZContentManager 3.3.1 document management solution that enables hot-key search for specific items located anywhere within EZCM without leaving their desktop applications.

Designated EZRetrieve, the module integrates searches seamlessly as a thick client in Microsoft Windows as well as the IBM 5250-emulation “green-screen” environment, providing a direct connection with EZContentManager from any point in any application. Compatible with all ERP and business management software systems, EZRetrieve is now available at the site license price of $2,995.00 for an unlimited number of individual users.

“EZRetrieve represents a significant advance in search speed and convenience,” said Product Manager Angela Doolittle. “As a single hot-key search facility, it saves seven full steps that normally are required in order to access a document: (1) open the browser, (2) locate the EZCM server, (3) click ‘user log-in,’ (4) log into the domain, (5) sign in, (6) key in the target destination and (7) activate ‘search.’ While this process may represent only a minute or two for each support call, collectively it can represent a major loss of time for staff members in departments like accounting or purchasing who also may be engaged in productivity processes.”

According to Doolittle, EZRetrieve is distinguished from competing products in several ways:

-Seamless auto-retrieve of documents from EZCM
-Works in both the Windows and IBM platform environments (unlike competing hotkey/point/click utilities)
-Compatibility with all ERP and business software solutions
-Plug-and-play - no scripting required to customize the module for individual users
-Installation is quick and intuitive
-User-definable hot-keys
-User selectable URLs, names and passwords, changeable on the fly
-Unlimited users within the site license

In a customer service example, a user clicks on his/her assigned hot-key to bring up the EZRetrieve window to enable log-in to EZContentManager, follows normal search procedure, identifying the domain and document under either full text or metadata search. Once the information is located, the user has the option of providing the information verbally, generating a printed document or delivering documents electronically. Meanwhile, the original application continues to run and when the support call has been completed, the user simply logs off of EZCM and returns to the earlier work.

“Initial response from the EZContentManager install base has been enthusiastic,” Doolittle said, “typified by one IT executive who said: ‘what a deal, send me the paperwork. Our users will be delighted that they don’t have to interrupt their work in order to respond to inquiries.’ EZRetrieve requires version 3.3.1, but early EZContentManager purchasers who have not already done so can upgrade to the latest version by requesting it directly from ACOM and they will quickly experience a whole new level of performance and convenience.”

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