Baby boomers may need to work past age 65 says Sergey Kalitenko, Physician, PC

January 14, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
January 14, 2008 - Seventy one million baby boomers will retire by 2030. Yet, despite retiring, statistics indicate that many of baby boomers plan to continue to work in some capacity, even after reaching age 65. To do so, it is essential that baby boomers remain healthy. Baby boomers need to have the energy to get up and go to work everyday, need to have clear memories so that they can retain information and learn new skills required at the workplace. In short, baby boomers need to possess the same vitality and memories of younger co-workers.

How can baby boomers manage this feat? With hormone repalcement therapy, says Dr. Sergey Kalitenko.

Hormones are chemical substances that affect every one of human body functions. Hormones convey signals from one part of the body to another. When hormones are working at optimum levels, men and women feel good because the body's complex system is running as nature intended.

Doctor Kalitenko explains human's fate: "Evolution has programmed us to die once our reproductive age is over." Modern medicine has extended the length of our lives, "but because of sex hormone levels decline human body thinks that there is no need to function properly any more. As a result men and women develop high blood pressure, heart problems and cancer," says the doctor. "We have to tell our body that we are still fertile. When we still have hormones in our bodies, we function at the optimum level."

"Instead, when baby boomers use hormones, they will find that they have:

improved energy;
better memories;
stronger bone density;
even skin tone;
decreased cholesterol and body fat;
and a better sex life", says the doctor.

Hormones maintain blood pressure, are responsible for stress management, and regulate repairs in the body. When hormones are not at proper levels, men and women suffer from fatigue, depression, and sleeping problems, may put on weight, feel irritable, develop osteoporosis, and anxiety.

Hormones are natural substances, says the doctor, and using them may be as simple as rubbing a cream on our bodies.

There is no cure-all that works for everyone, says Dr. Kalitenko. First, a medical history is taken, and patients are given a physical examination. Laboratory tests are performed, to find out which hormones may need to be replaced. Once the doctor has this data, an individualized treatment plan is provided.

Looking youthful is just as important in today's competitive world. Dr. Kalitenko is pleased to present an alternative to costly and risky cosmetic surgery: The Threadlift.

"It's a minimally invasive procedure which lifts the sagging skin," he says. Rather than cutting the skin, as plastic surgery involves, this procedure uses threads "which hold skin, and lift it up."

It's less costly, and patients recover from the procedure very quickly, he says. "Some come in late on a Friday, and are back at work on Monday," says Dr. Kalitenko.

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