$500 World of Warcraft Video Contest

January 15, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Beverly Hills, CA January 15, 2008 – A quick search on the popular video site YouTube will produce just over 100,000 videos related to the hugely popular online computer game World of Warcraft. This gave Wendy James from the web site WoW-Gold-Price-List.com a great idea. To create a contest just for WoW players.

Looking through some of the current WoW videos on YouTube, Wendy laughs. Some of the videos she came across are just so humorous. One popular theme seems to be having ingame WoW characters dance to classic songs. The video using the Baywatch Theme Song really stands out in her mind.

Wanting to see what users could come up with about her own site, Wendy decided to create a WoW Video Contest offering a $500 prize to the winner. Wendy's contest is to have WoW players create a humorous video about her site WoW-Gold-Price-List.com.

This contest is open to anybody and requires you to create a video and upload it to YouTube and then add it to the contest group youtube.com/group/wowgoldpricelist. The contest is running from now until March 31, 2008. The winning entry will be judged by Wendy herself and the prize will be paid via PayPal.

Wendy admits that she is very excited to see what type of videos get submitted. “Their are just so many creative people out their” says Wendy.

You can get more information on the video contest at the web site at http://www.wow-gold-price-list.com