January 2008 BT BizBox launches new CRM functionality to add to its simplicity

January 22, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
January 22, 2008 - BT BizBox's new form of customer reporting helps customers understand their own customers behaviour, the document creation tool allows customers to automatically generate documents, the alerting systems ensures that meetings and deadlines are never missed and the important information module makes life simple by providing a central location for storing all essential personal information i.e. passport numbers and subscription renewals.

The Web 2.0 concept of “collaborative functionality” has streamlined Tierlinear’s web-based BT BizBox. Its CRM solution can be accessed from anywhere there is access to the Internet. The BT BizBox solution covers a wide area of functionality, which means customers only have to invest in one CRM solution to cover all their business needs and is affordable for the small business. BT BizBox is a simple to use solution, which has been built on customer requirements. Therefore, the function it contains is actually demanded and required by customers.

“The Web 2.0 concept engages the customer in discussions on all aspects of the product development to make sure that a solution is purely built to meet the needs of a customer,” said Tierlinear. “With the need for CRM solutions increasing in small businesses, the need to make sure they are suitable for them is critical. With the increasing number of competitor offerings in the marketplace, the easiest and quickest way to engage with your customers is via forums and blogs. As more small businesses move to the Internet, the more they rely on forums and online support.”

Connection with consumers online has become an absolute necessity. Giving power to the people when creating a product doesn’t stop at reviews and software applications. These days, it cuts across all industries, even taking flight. In 2006, Virgin America, a new low-cost airline launched by Richard Branson, operated under the mantra to “build an airline people will love.” Building from the ground up, Virgin didn’t just consult industry insiders and airline executives. They went to the people. In fact, the company message to travelers on its website reads: “In building a brand new airline from the ground up, our goal was to bring the fun back to flying. To get there, we knew we had to ask a different kind of question: How would you design an airline? ”

Apparently, the people wanted these planes wired. USB ports, two WiFi access points on board, Ethernet at every seat, along with comfy leather seats and mood lighting. Virgin measures everything by connecting online with its customers, responding to how they feel about fares to the interactive components of their Web site. The airline even had its customers name its fleet by launching their “nameourplanes.com” initiative.

Getting the customer involved in the creation of BT BizBox has been Tierlinear’s goal from the outset. Further developments of the product has been and will continue to be generated through forms, including the BT BizBox User Community.