Geraldo Rivera's tactics called into question by University Researcher during AfterlifeFM Profiles interview

January 21, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
January 21, 2008 - Los Angeles, CA – Famed afterlife researcher, and popular author, Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, responded in person for the first time to allegations made against him which originally aired on Fox News’ Geraldo at Large Show, October 6, 2007.

Appearing on internet distributed podcast, AfterlifeFM Profiles (, Dr. Schwartz recounted what he believes to be half-hearted attempts by producers of the Geraldo at Large show to fact check their story prior to going on air. The dispute stems from a Geraldo at Large news segment that openly and implicitly questioned the integrity, honesty and ethics of Dr. Schwartz’s research practices and professionalism.

Dr. Schwartz refuted with great detail the most damaging allegation made against him, a claim that he had overstepped his position as a respected university researcher by requesting three million dollars from a bereaved father, implying to the father that those were the wishes of his deceased son.

Dr. Schwartz also addressed questions to his credibility made by a former lab research medium, and current TV medium, Laurie Campbell (Sensing Murder), who claimed that Dr. Schwartz had breeched a research confidentiality agreement for the purposes of promoting his own work and fundraising.

In his response, Dr. Schwartz expressed surprise that, “the mediums themselves, plus others, just a very tiny group of people, for personal/vindictive reasons, would stoop to highly questionable and twisted techniques to injure or destroy the credibility of a long standing scientist.”

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