BTF Management Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

January 28, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
BTF Management’s assertion that it has not had a single dissatisfied customer in all its years in the business consulting industry is not an optimistic estimate or even a conditional statement: It’s a documented fact. That’s because BTF’s unique business contract does not allow them to invoice a client until the customer confirms in writing that they were satisfied with the services they received.

January 2008 marks BTF Management’s 15th anniversary as a business consulting practice, focusing on producing healthy businesses that are both profitable and protected from asset loss. Owner Ken Roys is pleased to announce that BTF’s business model has not changed one iota since its inception, due to overwhelming client satisfaction.

“The typical business model for a consulting practice is like a fast food restaurant,” explains Mr. Roys. “You walk in, order food, pay, and wait for your bag – which you know isn’t going to be that good. When you receive your bag, because you know your order probably isn’t correct, the first thing you do is look inside. There’s nothing wrong with that model – as attested to by the success of McDonald’s – but it’s a very different experience than sitting down at a nice restaurant.”

“Our company takes the ‘nice restaurant’ approach,” continues Mr. Roys. “You don’t get a bill until after you’ve finished eating. And if your steak was cold or the waiter was rude, the manager fixes the problem or comps the meal and you’re free to go.”

In addition to BTF’s pay-for-performance model, clients respond well to the supplementary risk BTF assumes by doing an initial survey of clients’ businesses to determine whether or not they can help before accepting a project. BTF typically assists companies and owners to increase profits, control expenses, develop a better business plan, organize management more efficiently, create a marketing strategy, and manage risks.

However, with a guaranteed 200% return on the money invested in BTF’s consulting services, it’s BTF’s confidence in their ability to provide solutions to businesses that really sells their services. The company’s 100% client satisfaction guarantee requires clients to state in their letter of satisfaction that their documented savings and income enhancement totals exceeded twice the project cost as calculated by the client’s own accounting personnel.

“We can’t solve everyone’s problem,” states Mr. Roys. “If a father and son don’t get along in a family business, we can’t help them. But for the jobs that we do undertake, we solve the problem or there is no cost to the client.”

For more information about BTF Management Consultants Inc., contact Ken Roys at (866) 385-1900 or You can also visit the company website at to download free white papers and business tips.