Midbrook Announces Deal with Domestic Manufacturer

January 24, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Midbrook, Inc. announced that it will build two custom designed Hurricane Model 5036 Industrial washers for a domestic customer in the coming months. These washers represent an impressive achievement in custom design and usability.

Midbrook, Inc of Jackson, MI is the minority owned, world leading provider of process specific, high volume aqueous part cleaning systems, sealed solvent cleaning system, water bottling equipment, and medical cart washing equipment.

The manufacturer, a precision short to medium run manufacturer of progressive die stampings, metal fabrications, and welded assemblies, required a washing system that could handle a variety of different parts and specifications. Midbrook was able to design a washer that could meet the challenges presented by their needs.

The Hurricane 5036 washers, measuring 38’ long, will be able to clean deck plates, machined parts, and stamped parts, in order to assists the customer with all of their washing requirements. The unit will provide a standard wash/rinse stage and has the option of including an additional stage for the application of a rust inhibitor if required for the part being cleaned.

Midbrook custom designed a control unit for the machine that will allow the operator to manipulate the stages used depending on the part running through the machine at the time, allowing for great versatility in the use of the washer.

The washer will feature a 36” wide conveyor belt for material handling, which will ensure the operator is able to load the machine with enough parts to keep production running at the optimal speed. A 500-gallon wash tank and 380 gallon inhibitor tank will house the cleaning chemistry necessary to maintain high quality, clean parts.

Midbrook is known for their quality washers, and also for their ability to create custom designs. These machines once again showcase the ability of the Midbrook team to evaluate the needs of the customer and create a washer design that works for them, instead of forcing the customer to work for the design. This flexibility and innovative thinking allows Midbrook to create a design that guarantees the customer receives exactly what they need in order to make their process a success.

The same can be said of the CapSnap water bottling equipment and Medical cart washers. Although standard systems are available, Midbrook’s niche is to evaluate the client’s individual application needs and design a system that will achieve the goals sought.