Midbrook Explores Ozone Options

January 27, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Midbrook, Inc., of Jackson, Michigan is continuing their efforts to be a world leader in the washing industry through the research and development of ozone cleaning systems.

Midbrook is the minority owned, world leading provider of process specific, high volume aqueous part cleaning systems, sealed solvent cleaning systems, water bottling equipment, and medical cart washing equipment.

In their effort to bring innovation to the industrial and medical cleaning industries, Midbrook is exploring the world of ozone cleaning. Ozone, often referred to as O3, has long been employed in the bottled water purification process. The development of the CapSnap Bottled Water division sparked Midbrook to investigate other possible uses of ozone cleaning.

Applied to parts through corona discharges, ultraviolet lamp systems, or into water via injectors or bubble diffusers, ozone is a cleaning agent (3,000 times faster acting and 150 times more powerful as a disinfectant) than chlorine bleach. The compound is used extensively around the world in a variety of industries. Along with the bottled water industry, agricultural producers utilize it to maintain crop freshness. In addition, it is used in laundry applications and even personal air purification machines.

Use of ozone offers many possibilities. The compound works as a wetting agent, bringing the ability to increase the speed at which parts dry when exiting a machine. Further, ozone reduces bacteria formation that can occur when using re-circulated air in a machine. It is safe for use in the industrial process, as ozone is detectable at low levels and poses little threat to workers if proper safety precautions are taken.

Ozone will also continue Midbrook, Incís efforts to lead the way in environmentally friendly production part cleaning since ozone can safely be used within current government regulations.

Ozone systems will further add to the level of cleaning process customization Midbrook has built its industry leading reputation on in both water bottling, industrial cleaning and medical cleaning. Midbrook works with all customers to deliver a customized product that fits their needs. Ozone cleaning will be another tool that Midbrook can use to ensure that the customer receives a parts washer, medical cleaner, or CapSnap machine that is capable of delivering exactly what they need for their individual process.