– New Online Yoga Guide Demystifies Yoga Styles with Pictures, Videos, and More.

February 08, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News is the new definitive online guide for the yoga, the spiritual exercise that has gained increasing notoriety in the United States in the last 15 years. Yoga provides a new way to tone the body, while relaxing the mind, combining optimized stretches with meditation. features definitions of all yoga styles, beautiful and detailed photos galleries of yoga positions, instructive yoga videos, and much more. Built on the vision that yoga information should not be a secret and should be available in one user-friendly easy to find forum, The Secrets of Yoga has information for women, men, children, and seniors of all skill levels.

The Secrets of Yoga can help anyone interested in yoga, from beginners to experts. The beginner can start with the most basic information, such as what yoga is and the history of the practice. Users can then learn more about the basics of yoga, such as yoga breathing and basic yoga sitting positions. Beginners can also learn the differences between popular yoga styles; this knowledge may affect what yoga classes the user choses to take.

For example, Bikram yoga and Hatha yoga are two popular styles, however, there are major differences. Hatha yoga is much more focused on the mind, executed with relaxing positions and a slow pace. Bikram yoga is frequently known as “hot” yoga because of the intense temperatures. A Bikram yoga classroom is typically dialed to 95 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The exercises performed in Bikram are also much more intense than that of Hatha, and may be better suited to those with previous experience in Bikram practice.

More intermediate level yoga enthusiasts can find new studios near their homes that may offer yoga classes in more advanced styles. Users can also find websites that sell advanced yoga equipment they may need to purchase to move to the next level.

Yoga experts seeking to further their practice may find interest in attending some of the yoga retreats listed on, and reading varied yoga articles that cover all aspects of the yoga lifestyle, from diet to meditation to hypnosis.

The Secrets of Yoga users of all levels can find information in the monthly newsletter and the yoga blog. Other topics of interest covered on the homepage include yoga tips for women, children, pregnant women, and the elderly.