A Serious Concern For Global Warming Has Entered The Consciousness Of Mankind says Christos Margetis

January 29, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Athens, Greece 1/29/2008 Christos Margetis, an online media expert coming from a country that cares a lot about environmental and energy policies as also global warming, with his new weekly global warming podcast channel, alerts the world to provide ecological awareness.

Skai in cooperation with Philips began distributing 50 thousand bulbs low energy consumption on January 26 and February 2 in Greece in order to reduce global emissions and energy production.

The great importance of the campaign of Skai for using energy-saving light bulbs, also noted the academic Christos Zerefos. Speaking on SKAI noted that if such a campaign were signed when the Kyoto Protocol took place, the objective to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases to 6% have been achieved simply by saving energy.

"Welcome any initiative which helps reduce energy production" commented the director of the Institute for Environment, Michael Petrakis. "I believe a perfect way to achieve this, is by informing people online with the powerful interactive use of podcasts" said Christos.

"If you replace all incandescent lamps in Greece with green light bulbs will get less energy consumption, less emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and 288 million euros in the economy pocket of the consumer, said Director of Marketing of field lighting Philips Evangelos Papadodimas.

We are now sure that the implementation of alternative forms of energy can help to save energy by 22%. In addition, emissions of carbon dioxide will be reduced by 425 million tonnes, while costs will be saved and 110 million Euros annually.

Greenpeace notes that the citizens can play a catalytic role in changing the mindset, but that alone is not enough. We need the incentives from the state.

Also, green bulbs have a life expectancy of 8-12 years versus 1 of conventional bulbs, and save them from the atmosphere 129 kilos of carbon dioxide (saving lamps 29 kilos of carbon dioxide common bulbs 150 kilos).

It is worth mentioning that if our country changed all conventional light bulbs with energy saving bulbs, will save a total of carbon dioxide emissions by 1.4 million tonnes annually, the equivalent of an average power plant to burn lignite …

Podcasting is a very interesting way we can use to alert the world saving energy now that is still early" mentioned Christos Margetis.

"For this reason I created a podcact at http://globalwarming.podomatic.com where people worldwide can listen to energy saving tips, global warming, environmental news & interviews from top leading experts in this field" added Christos Margetis.

Contact Christos Margetis for more insights into his podcast. Direct line: +44 20 8133 4814 Email: globalwarming@podomatic.com Other helpful information regarding the event can be found at: http://globalwarming.podomatic.com