Offset Mortgage Centre Review Offset Mortgage Providers

January 29, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The leading online offset and flexible mortgage advice web site, The Offset Mortgage Centre, are pleased to announce their recent guide reviewing the United Kingdoms top offset mortgage providers. The guide, which is free and available to view here, covers the history, concept, benefits and differences between the UKs leading offset mortgage providers.

We can be thankful for Richard Bransons Virgin for the first and probably most well known of offset mortgages. Their innovation set the standard for the future offset mortgage deals that followed, said Terry Ruddy of The Offset Mortgage Centre.

The guide begins by describing where offset mortgages originated from and the underlying principles behind them. An example is given to show how these principles might work in the real world. Features of the various types of deals are then covered, ranging from the simplest to the more complex of products. The guide then goes on to explain these features and the terms and conditions that apply in detail so that borrowers can understand which features may benefit their specific, financial circumstances.

The guide then gives details of the UKs top offset mortgage providers, such as the Yorkshire Building Society, the Woolwich and its parent company Barclays. In each case a comprehensive description explaining which of the features each of them offer is given so that reader understands the key differences.

There are far too many offset mortgage providers to be able to cover them all in one guide. However, after reading the guide the mortgage layman should be well equipped with the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision.

About The Offset Mortgage Centre

The Offset Mortgage Centre is a non profit website designed to provide a comprehensive resource for visitors interested in gaining more flexibility, saving money or reducing the term of their home finance.

The goal of the website is to educate the mortgage layman in the concept, features, benefits and negative aspects of a Flexible or Offset Mortgage.

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