Offset Mortgage Centre Releases Guide to Offset Tracker Mortgages

January 30, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Offset Mortgage Centre, part of The Mortgage Broker ltd group of websites, has recently released their guide to Offset Tracker Mortgages. The article, which can be seen here:, enables homeowners to understand the concept, features and benefits of offset tracker mortgages.

In the words of Terry Ruddy, of The Offset Mortgage Centre, “Offset tracker mortgages are rapidly growing in popularity in the UK. This appears to be inline with an overall growing interest in tracker mortgages”.

Unlike traditional tracker mortgages, offset tracker mortgages allow greater flexibility such as payment holidays, under payments, over payments and lump some payments. The article looks in depth at these features and the types of borrower who might benefit from them, such as those on variable incomes, and more importantly, why they benefit.

The article then goes onto look at some of the negative aspects and warning signs to look out for when taking out an offset tracker mortgage. The guide summarises with some tips on how to make savings by transferring and even deferring interest on existing debts.

About The Offset Mortgage Centre

The Offset Mortgage Centre is a non profit website designed to provide a comprehensive resource for visitors interested in gaining more flexibility, saving money or reducing the term of their home finance.

The goal of the website is to educate the mortgage layman in the concept, features, benefits and negative aspects of a Flexible or Offset Mortgage.

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