LegalView Unveils Two New Practice Areas Regarding Cholesterol Drugs Vytorin and Zetia

January 29, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Denver, CO -, the number one resource for everything legal on the Web, recently added two new practice areas to its online library of information portals. The new practice areas include information on recent Vytorin news as well as a recently published Zetia study; both are oral drugs that are used to control the cholesterol levels of patients. However, a study released this month found that both are unlikely to lower a patient's risk of heart disease. LegalView unveils these information portals to remind readers of the different varieties of medications available and that is always imperative that users understand the potential risks and issues associated with these drugs.

If you or someone you know is currently taking Vytorin or Zetia, it is advisable to contact an experienced Vytorin lawyer or a Zetia law firm specializing in the subject. Zetia was approved in late 2002 and is the part of Vytorin that reduces the total and LDL cholesterol in the blood. However, in addition to having been found to have no benefit on arterial plaque buildup, there is a list of potential Zetia side effects including stomach pain, muscle and joint pain, weakness or tiredness within the body as well as the potential for allergic reaction. For individuals who are taking or have previously been prescribed either of the medications it is important to discuss the potential legal case that exists with an experienced Zetia attorney or Vytorin or.

In addition to these new information portals, LegalView has an extensive online library of practice areas to ease the troubles of individuals needed information regarding legal issues such as mesothelioma cancer or Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF), as well as traumatic brain injury. Mesothelioma cancer is an incurable illness that takes years to develop and is usually misdiagnosed among victims. It is caused by exposure to asbestos dust and asbestos fibers decades earlier. To learn about potential compensation for those who have this cancer, contact a mesothelioma lawyer.

For those who have been diagnosed with the rare but painful NSF illness, it is advisable to get into direct contact with an NSF attorney who may be able to offer a free consultation on the situation. And for the those who are part of the millions of Americans suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) not only is it important to contact a medical professional to assess the injury, by receiving a brain injury consultation you will better be able to find the support necessary to overcome the injury.

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