5 Dating Experts Create New Martial Art Called Black Belt Seduction

January 29, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Underground seduction “guru’s” have created what they claim to be the most efficient pick-up artists training system in the world. The course, designed to teach men how to attract and seduce women is structured in a traditional martial arts sense, starting at White Belt all the way up to Black Belt 10th Dan. The creators claim that just like a martial art, they can take any man off the street and through intense training create a Black Belt Seduction expert.

To keep the instructors anonymity these self-proclaimed masters use names such as “Mr. X.” and do not disclose their personal information. When questioned why, one of the female instructors replied “I have the biggest site on the net for this kind of thing, no female sells more attraction and seduction training online than me, and I have a clean cut image to protect”.

The main man behind it all who calls himself Mr. X. claims “Black Belt Seduction is something truly different – this can change a man’s life so effectively, it’s almost like a factory for pumping out really high-quality, experienced pick-up artists from the basic raw materials. If you are a man, we can teach you how to get more dates and more of what you want, regardless of your looks, financial situation or previous success.”

He continues “The difference between BlackBeltSeduction.com and everything that’s gone before it is that you don’t need to have anything going for you right now, no spark, no confidence, not even any social ability around women. Follow this course from White Belt to Black Belt and you will be a success.”

Black Belt Seduction are offering their first month’s “White Belt: Attract And Seduce Women” training for free at http://www.blackbeltseduction.com