The Name May Be Different, But the Service To Clients is Still Exceptional.

February 01, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News has transitioned to to allow online entrepreneurs to find a one-stop resource for MLM programs.

In the ever-evolving world of online business, businesses literally come and go overnight.

Fortunately, website owner Joseph Then has learned that the keys to resiliency lie in riding the waves and changing with the turning tides of the sea of information and opportunities available online.

"My site originally began as a way to bring website owners more traffic so they can sell more products," says Joseph.

That was in 1999. But as traffic building became more widely available, Joseph had to look for another way to help entrepreneurs increase their profits.

"TrafficForLess was great when it first started, but webmasters have all the traffic they can handle now. I started taking advantage of some MLM programs, and really got some good results" he continues.

…and was born.

The site will still sell the same quality traffic it has focused on in the past, but has shifted its focus to helping the online earner make more money through some of the most popular network marketing programs around.

Then is optimistic about his business' new direction. The site is set to launch in February, and the site will remain up indefinitely to redirect current visitors.


Joseph Then is the driving force behind, which is a one-stop resource for information and allows you to join some of the most popular MLM programs today. Visit to get started on the road to network marketing success today!