February 04, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A Florida man survived a deadly accident thanks to t-tops. The driver apparently panicked and hit the gas instead of the brakes. This in turn caused his Camaro to go airborne, fly over the center median only to then get crushed by a semi truck. The driver believes that the center “t-bar” support saved his life. Brian Barnett, President of www.T-TopsOnline.com agrees with the Florida driver, “T-Tops not only provide a convertible like feel to the ride, but have saved numerous lives on numerous past occasions in the process”.

A t-top is a removable roof piece engineered to provide a safer, comparable alternative to the convertible roof. The t-tops mount on to a center bar which protects the passengers in the car against a roll over or from getting crushed by other vehicles. The convertible top fails to provide this option. This is why you might see roll bars added to convertible type vehicles.

T-Tops were first introduced in the late 1960’s as an add-on option to the Corvette. The Chevy Camaro, the Pontiac Firebird, the Ford Mustang, the Corvette & the Monte Carlo were only a few of the many cars designed with t-tops. The last sports cars produced with t-tops were the fourth generation (1993-2002) Chevy Camaro and the Pontiac Firebird.

Regardless of the obvious benefits of t-tops, the convertible roof sports car has remained more popular among today’s consumers. T-Tops, although a much safer alternative to the convertible, do have their disadvantages. When not latched down properly, t-tops can fly off of the vehicle at incredible speeds. This in turn can cause serious accidents possibly killing other drivers in the process. Barnett says, “I hear stories of t-tops flying off of cars every single day & I am not surprised to see their discontinuation”. Regardless of this disadvantage, t-tops save lives.

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